1.Why does fun have to come at the expense of a toy? After all, this flower pot seems to be working just fine for this little pooch.10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-01
2.These two look guilty of something.10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-02
3.This is what happens when you commit a crime. Shame.10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-03
4.Something about these kids doesn’t seem right.10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-04
5.Something lurks in the shadows. It seems ready to pounce at any moment.10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-05
6.Perhaps he has something to say, or perhaps something is incredibly funny—or boring.10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-06
7.All she needs now is a little stuffed human.10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-07
8.Who’s the real one here?10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-08
9.Don’t forget to wash behind his ears.10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-09
10.A staring contest seems to be underway here. Who’s going to win it?10 FUNNY LOOKING BEAGLES-10