11 pics for funny Pugs

1.Who does not agree that the title of queens of the earth belongs to pugs.11 pics for funny Pugs-01
2.They are just the sweetest of animals and they know it.11 pics for funny Pugs-02
3.There are no animals on the planet that are more majestic than pugs.11 pics for funny Pugs-03
4.You must be a crazy dog lover to be so concerned with pugs and their cuteness.11 pics for funny Pugs-04
5.No other dog is so concerned with their image and guard it as jealously.11 pics for funny Pugs-05
6.There is nothing like a tired pug, the sleepy eyes say it all.11 pics for funny Pugs-06
7.Put them in front of a can of jellybeans and they get all confused on what to do.11 pics for funny Pugs-07
8.This picture had me in stitches for a full 5 minutes and some.11 pics for funny Pugs-08
9.Aren’t black pugs the cutest especially when they stick out their pink tongue.11 pics for funny Pugs-09
10.The bewilderment in his eyes is out of this world awesome.11 pics for funny Pugs-10
11.What a costume, the pug is so angry, I doubt he will ever grant forgiveness to his owner in this lifetime.11 pics for funny Pugs-11