20 Yorkies and Celebrities

1. Audrey Hepburn20 Yorkies and Celebrities-01

Iconic Academy Award-winning British actress, fashion icon and humanitarian. Reputation for being humble, charming and kind. From her early years as a chorus girl in London’s West End up to her humanitarian work later in life, she was one of the world’s most recognized and beautiful stars.

2. Joan Rivers20 Yorkies and Celebrities-02

Grammy nominated actress, posthumously Grammy Award-winner for Spoken Word Album, author of 12 best-selling memoir and humor books.

3. Paris Hilton20 Yorkies and Celebrities-03

Reality star, socialite, model, Teen Choice Award-winning actress, singer and New York Times bestselling author. She is the heir-apparent to the Hilton hotel and real estate dynasty. She had a $325,000 dog house built for her pooches. I bet all Yorkies would love to live there.

4. Miley Cyrus20 Yorkies and Celebrities-04

American Actress, singer, songwriter and daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Achieved early fame as the star of a Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana’ and went on to become a hugely successful, platinum-selling pop artist.

5. Hilary Duff20 Yorkies and Celebrities-05

American Actress and singer. Early star of Lizzie McGuire and turned herself into a popular franchise. Released several pop albums – her debut album went to triple platinum status.

6. Carmen Electra20 Yorkies and Celebrities-06

Glamour model, television personality, actress, singer and dancer. Starred on the television show Baywatch. Electra also co-starred an MTV reality series.

7. Whitney Houston20 Yorkies and Celebrities-07

One of pop music’s bestselling artist, actress, producer and model. Houston’s first four albums reached global sales in excess of 86 million copies.

8. Heather Locklear20 Yorkies and Celebrities-08

Golden Globe nominated television actress and film star. Heather Locklear is another celebrity photographed often with their Yorkies.

9. Jay Mohr20 Yorkies and Celebrities-09

Stand-up comedian, actor and television host for Saturday Night Live and Last Comic Standing.

10. Donnie Osmond20 Yorkies and Celebrities-10

Singer, actor, game show host, dancer, radio personality, record producer, author and former teen idol.

11. Natalie Portman20 Yorkies and Celebrities-11

Academy Award-winning actress in Black Swan, film producer and film director.

12. Emmy Rossum20 Yorkies and Celebrities-12

Actress who sang her heart out in the movie The Phantom of the Opera and singer-songwriter.

13. Ivanka Trump20 Yorkies and Celebrities-13

Businesswoman, socialite, heiress and fashion model. Daughter of Ivana and Donald Trump.

14. Miranda Kerr20 Yorkies and Celebrities-14

Supermodel who became famous as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Launched her own organic skincare brand and a written self-help book.

15. Tara Reid20 Yorkies and Celebrities-15

Film and television actress who appeared in hit movies. She is also a model.

16. Molly Sims20 Yorkies and Celebrities-16

Recognized as an actress, model and active humanitarian. She has a savvy sense of style and fashion and author.

17. Britney Spears20 Yorkies and Celebrities-17

Singer with no.1 selling albums on the ‘Billboard’ 200 and American actress. Spears spent more than $8,000 on her Yorkie. Don’t you just love Yorkies?

18. Naomi Watts20 Yorkies and Celebrities-18

British actress that is also a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations and works on HIV/AIDS awareness programs.

19. Vanessa Williams20 Yorkies and Celebrities-19

American actress and television star. She is also a producer, model and singer.

20. Venus Williams20 Yorkies and Celebrities-20

Champion women’s tennis player and four-time Olympic gold medalist.