A wonderful relationship between boy and dog

Wow this is so touching; this video has a great message especially if it were to be used to explain the relationship between man and God.

The way this boy moves away from the dog and it just keeps moving closer to the boy and spreads its palm towards the kid. The boy seems not to accept this relationship that is being offered by the dog, he once again pulls himself away from the dog and pushes away its palm from him but later on accepts the friendship. This time the dog gets on its feet and places its fore arm on the boys right shoulder like it’s comforting him telling him that everything will be alright.

God really doesn’t make mistakes; everybody is created in HIS own image and has a purpose in this world no matter how he/she looks may it be disability or health conditions everyone is equal to God and should be treated equally or rather nicely like how this wonderful dog treated the kid.

This video really touched my heart. It’s A MUST WATCH’ for everyone.