Mastiffs: our best partners

1. Hi mastiff! What are you looking for ? Can’t you find your parents? I will take you home because you are so lovely!Mastiffs- our best partners-1
2. Here is a little mastiff puppy. He is holding a elongated grass sluggishly. May be he is very hungry. So poor he only has a grass to eat!Mastiffs- our best partners-2
3. This mastiff are so pretty. Her hair and skin are so dark and smooth like dark brown coffee chocolate. I love her vey much as I like cholocate!Mastiffs- our best partners-3
4. Look! Here is a couple of a big bull and a ‘little girl’ mastiff. The ‘little girl’ is just sleeping with his ‘boyfriend’ bull and he is gently looking after her. Just make me so envy!Mastiffs- our best partners-4
5. This mastiff is so sporty. He might love seeing football match like any teenage boys around the world .It seems that he is so excited watching football match and putting the football into his mouth.Mastiffs- our best partners-5
6. Here is a family of mastiffs. They are friendly and play happily with each other. Hey! Their faces have the same expression!Mastiffs- our best partners-6
7. Here is a mastiff come from Korean. He looks down so lovely like a child. Perhaps he feels so lonely and wants to find some friends to play with.Mastiffs- our best partners-7