Oh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!

1.The Mastiff looks tired and bored. Nothing seems to cheer it up. It looks like the dog is sank in deep thoughts and asking itself endless questions that it does not seem to get the answers.Oh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!-01
2.The baby Mastiff looks so young and pretty especially with the beautiful strap in the neck. The puppy seems to be disturbing the bitch (mother) from some sought of deep thoughts or sleep.Oh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!-02
3.The Mastiff looks so old and huge. Everyone seated around the lady who sat the dog on her laps seems to be wondering how the dog can be as big as this.Oh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!-03
4.The dog looks so sad, tired, and angry.Oh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!-04
5.It is adorable how the baby plays around with the dog. She is extremely happy and enjoying the hug from the dogOh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!-05
6.Wow! What a pretty bullmastiff puppyOh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!-06
7.The Neopolitan mix mastiff is such a beautiful dog. The dog has a nice skin colour and I like how relaxed it is.Oh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!-07
8.How scary the Neopolitan mastiff looks so bad. One cannot even tell it is a dog.Oh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!-08
9.The dog and the toddler do not seem happy. Could the dog be consoling his unwell friend. He seems to be shedding tears. Oh no.Oh My, What dazzling Mastiffs!-09
10.The English mastiff seems so relaxed and calm and the bib fits him. Wow! It is so cute.