Oh My, What funny Huskies!

1. Wait a minute, isn’t he from Little Red Riding Hood?Your specs and book aren’t fooling anyone here, give us back grandma! Oh My, What funny Huskies!-01
2. Still on the fence about that warning , just hanging out and thinking deep, again…Oh My, What funny Huskies!-02
3. Who says dogs can’t do emoji faces? Here’s a sneak peek of husky emojis – contented, startled, and playful.Oh My, What funny Huskies!-03
4. “I smell seafood!”Wait a minute, why is it so dark in here… Guys? A little help? Guys?!?!?Oh My, What funny Huskies!-04
5.”Cover your eyes, kid! This is NOT pretty.”This husky is either babysitting the pomeranian, or chairing the United Dogs’ Censorship Board. Oh My, What funny Huskies!-05
6.”I can never get a break…”That awkward moment you realize you brought home the wrong set of kids…Oh My, What funny Huskies!-06
7.”Are you home yet? I need a bath.”That bath tub is definitely too small.Oh My, What funny Huskies!-07
8.”I can’t feel my nose.”Just cleaning up all the popsicles on the ground.Oh My, What funny Huskies!-08
9.”The groceries ran away and put me here, I swear.” No one ate the groceries. They certainly grew limbs. Oh My, What funny Huskies!-09
10.”Wake me up, when December ends”Just chilling at “Somewhere I Belong”Oh My, What funny Huskies!-10